Miss CC has helped me sooo much in the short time I have been here. She always cheers me up if I am sad or just had a bad day. She also connects with people on a personal level. She is so sweet and so amazing! I’m positive my teachers at school have noticed a difference! She has taught me so much like tricks to C, K, and CK. What to use and when to use it. She has taught me rules for the Silent E because I used to just slap it on to any word I did not know. Now I know all the prefixes and all the suffixes and so much more! I LOVE going to our sessions, especially because she makes everything so much fun! I could go on & on about how much she has helped me and what she has taught me! What a great person and a great teacher she is!

M.G.Age 13

August 10, our son was repeating Kindergarten with no clear explanation as to why he was having trouble learning to read and write. We contacted CC Manning of Simply Me, Inc. who referred us to an Educational Diagnostician. It was confirmed that our son had auditory and visual dyslexia. Immediately, Ms. Manning took our son as one of her dyslexia clients. Several sessions passed, Ms. Manning specifically identified the areas our son struggled with. A few weeks later, he was able to get the phonetics correct, write them, and continue learning. Ms. Manning helped him with his handwriting, the rules for spelling, and composition. The Barton System that she uses is fantastic. Her enthusiasm for teaching kids to read and write has influenced my son to love learning and reading. Within the first year, my son had made so much progress. She has made such a difference in our son that we decided to continue tutoring for as long as possible. Today, our son is known in class for his excellent handwriting and neatness. He is doing grade level reading and language arts. Most of all, he loves learning and is a very successful student. Thank you, Ms. Manning for enabling our son to be the success he is today. I would encourage any parent whose child is struggling in the area of reading and writing to contact CC Manning at Simply Me, Inc. She is an excellent, experienced instructor who cares for her students and will help them to be more successful.

V.T.Mother of 9 Year Old

My daughter Karen was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Concept Imagery Disorder when she was 14. I was extremely concerned about having enough time to get her the help she needed to be successful in college. CC Manning came highly recommended to me as someone who could meet the challenge of helping Karen be college ready. My daughter and I met with CC and she asked Karen a lot of questions to get to know her, then she explained how she would teach Karen about how she learns and show her new methods of learning. We were both so excited to get started because CC gave us hope and a solid plan for success. My daughter is now 18 years old and a freshman in college where she received several scholarships. CC Manning with her consistent encouragement, patience, genuine concern and terrific sense of humor, challenged my daughter to be the best she could be and elevated her sense of self-esteem to a level where I know Karen will be able to accomplish what she sets her mind to. Forever grateful!!!