Simply Me., Inc. - Las Cruces Dyslexia Education, Screening and Tutoring
Simply Me., Inc. - Las Cruces Dyslexia Family Education, Screening and Tutoring


An essential first-step to gathering information. This process will help determine if an evaluation is needed. Comprehensive, up-to-date research on dyslexia will be provided.


No single test proves dyslexia. A battery of screen samples is used during this informal screening to examine the impacted areas caused by dyslexia. A detailed genetic, developmental and educational history are also an integral part of this comprehensive screening.


This professionally written report will detail the following:

  • Screening tools used and their results
  • Interpretation
  • Observational Data
  • Recommendations


CC Manning is a certified dyslexia specialist who tutors in person and internationally online. The Barton Reading and Spelling System is an Orton-Gillingham influenced, research based multisensory phonics program used to improve reading, spelling and writing.

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